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Basalt Technology UK Limited has been specifically set up to develop Continuous Basalt Fibre technology worldwide and will provide full EPC services for latest generation CBF and downstream composites plants and will support them throughout the operation including raw materials supply and product off take. Basalt Technologies UK Limited has a technological team with CBF manufacturing experience of more than 20 years and owns and operates Basalt downstream plant in the UK.


Continuous Basalt Fibre (CBF) is a relatively young, but very promising material

At the present time, just a handful of countries in the world, including Russia, Ukraine and China produce around 12k tons of CBF per year. Market demand by 2020 is calculated to be 1 million tons per year. Basalt fibre is superior to other chemically-derived fibres (carbon, aramid and glass), in terms of thermal stability, heat, sound and electrical insulation, resistance to fire, corrosive chemicals, radiative quality, anti vibration and overall durability while at the same time being environmentally friendly. Continuous Basalt Fibre (CBF) - a product produced by a single step extraction from molten basaltic rock without the use of any chemicals. Basalt Rock is a single-component resource of natural origin; it is an ecologically clean raw material ideal for the production of CBF. World reserves of basaltic rock are endless and cheap, adding less than 5% to the cost of production.

Basalt fibre, because of its technical and economic characteristics, will replace the market share now occupied by both expensive carbon fibre products and those of ecologically harmful glass fibre.
Stronger | Cheaper | Environmentally friendlier


The process requires the conversion of volcanic rock using extremely high temperature into finely extruded continuous fibre - a highly complex process that has been developed, tested and matured over several decades.


The fibre is manufactured directly from basalt rock in a single-melt process, and comprises only a single raw material.

Environmentally Friendly

There are no hazardous chemical additives unlike the production of high quality fibreglass which requires the addition of oxide boron (B2O3).

Energy Efficient

The production process is completely sustainable, with a low energy requirement – only 5kWh/kg of electricity – and low fabrication costs.


Basalt products used in construction.

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