Environmental policy

We will promote though our environmental policy certain procedures and practices which will aim to minimise the negative environmental impact of our business activities, including those that our staff, clients, service providers and suppliers have on both locally and globally in the short- and long-term.

To do this we will promote practical ways to minimise the negative environmental impact and increase positive environmental impacts.

We aim primarily:

  • to be energy efficient in our use of space, buildings and equipment;
  • to reduce, re-use and recycle waste (e.g. paper, etc.) and purchase products which are reusable, recycled or from renewable/sustainable resources;
  • to be careful in our resource management and consumption;
  • to be careful in our water consumption;
  • to promote public transport;
  • to use environmentally friendly and fair trade products in the organisation;
  • to raise awareness of environmental issues within our staff and all stakeholders.

It is hoped that you will appreciate our efforts in these matters and co-operate and support this policy and procedures as much as possible.

Draft last reviewed: February 2020